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Cutter Grab Bag 6 - Cosmetic Defects

Cutter Grab Bag 6 - Cosmetic Defects

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This grab bag contains 16 cutters that are completely functional, but contain a cosmetic defect on the top surface (not the cutting surface/edge).  The cosmetic defects on these cutters include wording (cutter name) that is not legible or a discoloration spot from overheated material getting trapped on the lip (handle area) of the cutter.  

These will come bulk packed, not in our standard packaging materials (no cellophane bags).  

All of our cutters are made from our custom high-end PLA blend that is food-safe, and our own custom blue color (JCC Blue).

Hand-wash in lukewarm water ONLY! These are NOT dishwasher safe.


Included in this grab bag are the following cutters (each have a black marker on the lip we use to identify them as cosmetic defect).  


- 4.5 inch Ladybug

- 4 inch Happy Birthday Plaque

- 3.5 inch Potion 3

- 3.5 inch Sushi Roll 2

- 4 inch Boho Rainbow

- 4 inch #3 with script

- 3 inch Rainbow with Clouds

- 3.5 inch Mason Jar

- 3.5 inch Zebra

- 4 inch Bulldozer

- 3 Inch Reindeer with Banner/Plaque

- 3 Inch Apple

- 3.5 inch Chocolate Kiss

- 3 inch Cow Head

- 3.5 inch Backpack

- 3.5 inch Raptor